Leather & Care

Victoria Leather Company uses only the best top grain leather available. We primarily use “naked” leather that gives our bags that soft supple feel. Based on this there can be noticeable differences from bag to bag such as color shading and grain differences since the leather does not have additional finishes applied. Over time the leather will develop a classic patina and beautiful shine indicative of this type of leather.

Care of your product
We recommend treating your new bag with a high quality leather conditioner prior to use. This can help protect the finish from unintended marks or stains but in general, our leather requires very little care.

If something does get on your bag, wipe off immediately with a soft, dry cloth. While there is no product that will remove every stain, there are a few remedies that may work to remove your stain such as a quality leather cleaner or saddle soap.

Note: Before using any cleaning methods on your bag, always try a small test spot before treating a large area of the bag. Discoloration of the leather can occur and some stains may be permanent.