Backpack —
a leather bag with two straps to go over both shoulders. Typically a larger bag with a large main compartment and several pockets. Can also be worn over one shoulder like a sling bag.

Baguette —
a handbag that is long and narrow. The bag may look like a loaf of French bread, hence the name. Can also be called a small east west bag.

Barrel bag —
a bag that is cylindrical in shape. See our Cylinder bag!

Bucket bag —
typically a round bag that is taller than it is wide. Many bucket style bags have a draw string or cord closure.

Clutch —
a smaller rectangular handbag without a handle carried by hand, typically used for an evening out.

Coin purse —
a small bag with a zipper closure or clasp. Designed to hold change and other small items. See our Zip Coin and Mini Snapper.

Convertible —
a satchel style bag with two handles that can be worn over the shoulder or carried in the hand.

Cosmetic bag —
a small lined bag with a zipper closure to hold cosmetics and other toiletries.

Crossbody —
a handbag with a longer strap so it can go over the head with the strap resting across your body and handbag on the opposite hip.

Drop —
the distance the handbag falls from the shoulder to the top of the bag or the distance from the underside of the strap when extended to the top of the handbag.

Duffle —
a larger bag with an open main compartment. Typically has additional pockets for storage. Can be used as an exercise or overnight bag.

East West —
a handbag that is wider than it is taller. Typically a tote style or shoulder bag.

Embossed —
the term used when a logo or lettering is impressed on the surface of the leather. Snake and croco leathers have the patterns embossed on the leather hide.

Flap bag —
a handbag with a large flap for the main closure.

Grommet —
a metal ring inserted into a hole in the material. Smaller grommets are called eyelets.

Hobo —
a simple over the shoulder bag that tends to slouch due to the soft leather used and unstructured nature of the design.

Leather handbag —
a handbag made from any tanned animal skin. The majority of bags are made with cowhide.

Messenger —
typically a bag with s simpler design with a large flap for closure. Can be worn crossbody or off the shoulder.

Naked leather —
the buttery soft leather that Victoria Leather Company uses on the majority of its styles. This leather has no finish and is drum tumbled to increase softness.

North South —
a term used to describe a bag that is taller than it is wide.

Satchel —
a handbag with a top handle or handles to be clutched in the hand or over the forearm.

Shopper —
a large rectangular tote style bag used for shopping.

Shoulder Bag —
a leather handbag with a strap (may be adjustable) of a length that it goes over the shoulder with the handbag resting comfortably on the hip or just above.

Sling Bag —
backpack style bag with only one strap. Designed to be “slung” over one shoulder.

Slouchy —
this term applies to most of Victoria Leather Company’s bags. Slouchy is the bunching of the leather when placed on a flat surface. The leather is not stiff or rigid.

Structured —
a structured bag typically has a hard lining inside so the bag retains its shape at all times. Is much less flexible than a slouchy bag.

Top Handle —
like a satchel bag, has a handle or handles on the top of the bag for hand carry.

Tote —
typically a larger bag, rectangular in shape with an open compartment and with a handle on either side of the opening.

Waist Pack (also called Fanny Pack) —
a bag worn on the waist designed to carry smaller items. Typically used for travel or hiking.

Wrislet —
a smaller bag, like a clutch with a wrist strap.